These guidelines are necessary for the parade committee to present the best possible viewing event for the audience on the parade route and the audience watching on television.   The Columbus Day Parade Committee reviews all applications and recommends those who further the purposes of the parade as stated herein and whose presentation reflects the high standards of the quality of the parade.  The Chairman must respond to your application within thirty days of receipt.  As a condition of participation your unit MUST sign the application, return it indicating that you have read this information, and that you agree to abide by our parade standards.

The key to a successful parade is depending upon the quality of each unit’s presentation.  The following guidelines have been drawn up by the Columbus Day Parade Committee became, over the years the size of the parade has grown; it has become increasing important parade’s movement to follow these guidelines.


Marching units should have an entertainment purpose and function.  Ex. costumes, drill, march, choreography, etc. or having been invited/honored by the Columbus Day Parade Committee, or have honored or supported the purpose of the Columbus Day Parade Committee.

A pre-approved banner will identify marching Units. Please indicate banner information on your application. Units will provide their own banner carriers. 

NO UNIT WILL AT ANY TIME STOP (unless the parade ahead stops),

The reviewing stand will be positioned across from the East Park lions.   Charter Communication, TV3, will broadcast      LIVE from Vintage Grille

STOPPING IS PROHIBITED.   Any performance MUST be done as you march by.

HORNS & SIRENS are prohibited The noise generated by horns & sirens has upset young children and older adults.  In the past parades we have received many complaints.

Tow Trucks and Pickup trucks will only be allowed as working vehicles unless pre approved by the committee

NO LAST MINUTE entries will be allowed in the parade.

Make sure to sign & return the application. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Thank you for abiding by the rules designed Worcester Columbus Day Parade Committee, Inc. for your safety.


The rules and regulations set in place by the Columbus Day Parade Committee, Inc. 
are for the safety of those on the floats and the spectators

Float Dimensions:Not to exceed9 ft. Wide    x    20 ft. High

A railing must be constructed around the float to ensure the safety of your riders on the float.  This is used a s a support, so that those standing on the float can hold on.  This railing must be stable and solid.

If there are people standing in the middle of your float, there must be a chair, etc. for these people to hold onto for support.

If there is a skirt on the outer edge of the float, the skirt must clear the wheel wells of the vehicle.

The windshield of the vehicle pulling the float should NOT have anything obstructing the driver’s view.

Adults must supervise children at all times.  They must not be left unattended.

PLEASE NOTE:  Trailer and Driver will be inspected prior to the parade.  No materials (i.e. candy, gum, flyers, etc) can be thrown from the float. This is prohibited due to safety factors

It is the responsibility of the organization or group entering the float for any liability, and not the responsibility of the parade committee.